Which Label is Right For Me?

There are so many labels to choose from at The Name Label Co, so we thought we'd put together a handy list of pros and cons to help our lovely customers decide which label is right for them!

Iron on Labels

Iron on Labels are great if you have a lot of clothes to label, and not much time to do it! Our ONCE Iron On labels takes only six seconds per label to apply, and our specially developed trademarked technology means that they're very durable as well! Iron on labels are applied to clothes flat, so are also a good choice if you want an unobtrusive label that doesn't irritate the skin.

Sew In Labels

Sew in labels are highly versatile, as there are so many different ways you can sew them in - such as into a seam, or as a loop so you can hang your garment from the label. Of course, it also means that inserting labels can be more time consuming, which isn't a problem if you only have a few bits to label but can be an issue if you're doing an entire wardrobe. We offer both Printed Sew In Labels and Woven Labels. Printed Sew In labels are great for sensitive skin, as they're made from our long-lasting, soft nylon fabric. They're also easy to cut to a custom shape without the worry of fraying edges. Woven labels are unrivalled aesthetically, and there is a large range of colours and fonts - however, they take slightly longer to produce at 5-7 working days.

Tagg on® Labels

Tagg on labels have all the durability of a Sew in label, but without any stitching skills necessary! They can be applied in seconds using the supplied plastic taggits, which are small, soft and unobtrusive so they don't irritate sensitive skin. Our large labels are applied as a loop so could even be used for hanging clothes. Tagg On labels last for years, but can also be easily removed by snapping the plastic tag, if you wanted to pass on your garment. 

Stick On Labels

If you're looking for a less permanent clothes labelling solution (such as for a kids camp, or temporary care) then our Launder Labels are what you need! Simply stick them to the care label of your garment, and they'll last for over 25 washes of up to 40 degrees. These are definitely the easiest to apply, but the least permanent!

We also have labels specially developed for shoes, that come with a clear sticker to protect the label from wear. The Labels themselves are in the shape of feet to help children learn left and right. 

Our Vinyl Stick On Labels are made for sticking on possessions, and will stick to almost any surface except clothes! They're dishwasher and microwave safe too.

Thanks for reading! We hope that helped make your decision. If you have any more questions please don't hesitate to contact us at hello@namelabelco.com or by calling 01684 472247

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