Teacher "Thank you" gift ideas


Can you believe our little cherubs will soon be breaking up for the Summer holidays?!

Amongst many forms of anxiety these words cause me, like child care and the thought of queing, ticket in my hand, for school shoes,  it also reminds me I need to get my teacher thank you gifts sorted. Do you get the same sunken feeling as me when you see the perfect parent swanning into the playground on the last day of term with their beautiful, handmade creations for their favourite teacher?

I have usually gone the Amazon Prime route, picking another mug with “Thank You” printed on it and thinking “that will do”. It was only when my little darling churped up that Mr Smith had a rather large collection of mugs and that she felt one more just might tip him over the edge, that I had to turn to Plan B!

Can I really spare the time to make my very own homemade masterpiece that will be admired by the other parents, actually enjoyed by the teacher and for just one day could make me feel like the perfect parent?

Are you up for the challenge? Come on, we can do it…...

I can hear you saying “But I can’t bake and I am a total disaster at decorating!” Fear not, below are some super easy ideas that are fool proof and made in no time at all.


COOK TIME 20 mins – TOTAL TIME 20 mins

Easily adaptable and open to your imagination, you will enjoy both making and eating these beauties (cook’s priviledge).

Author: The Life Harvest – Pinterest


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  • A combination of white, milk and/or dark chocolates 
  • A variety of toppings including; dried fruit, edible flowers, sea salt, nuts, sweets, pretzels, chilli flakes etc...
  • A heat proof, microwave safe bowl
  • Baking trays/baking tins/moulds. You can buy a silicone Bar pan here or I use my loaf tins


  1. Select the chocolate of your choice and chop ¾ of it into rough chocolate chip pieces. Chop the remaining ¼ even finer for use later. Put the ¾ mixture into a heat proof bowl and microwave on a medium/high temperature in 10 second blasts, stiring well after each round. Do this until the chocolate is almost melted but with some small solid bits still in it. (Don't be tempted to give it a long blast as this will heat the chocolate too much and it may seize.)
  2. Take the remaining ¼ of the chocolate and add it into the almost, melted chocolate bowl. Continue to microwave in 5-10 second blasts until almost completely melted. The aim is to have all the chocolate melted whilst trying to keep the lowest temperature you can so as to avoid it going out of temper. (I actually had to google that as the only person likely to go out of temper is me!) Definition of Temper in Baking
  3. Once melted, line your trays/tins with baking paper or alluminium foil and pour in the chocolate. Decorate the top while the chocolate is still wet. Leave it to set at room temperature until hardened. Remove it carefully from the moulds and try your best not to eat them all! 


Potted plant

Have fun together painting the plant pot black and the ruler if you have time, or just write on the wording of your choice in chalk (this is now the time to restrain any desires to put on what you really think, trust me it will only end in tears or detention).

Thank you for helping me growing. Rulers are not only used to measure things but also can be used to create some creative things. Perfect for back to school or teacher gifts. http://hative.com/creative-ruler-crafts/



Wine Gummy Bears

Recipe from Kirbie’s Cravings – Pinterest


Now that’s my idea of the perfect pick and mix!


Wine Gummy Bears




  1. In a small saucepan, pour in wine. (Oh go on a little swig won’t matter!) Sprinkle gelatin over wine. Stir the gelatin to dissolve into wine. The gelatin will cause the wine to thicken up, to a slurry-like consistency. Continue to stir or whisk until all the white gelatin powder has been dissolved into the wine.
  2. Bring saucepan to low heat, careful not to let mixture boil, stirring continuously until wine melts back down to a liquid consistency. Make sure you stir continuously as the wine is melting back down because you don't want any gelatin to clump up. If you find any undissolved gelatin in the wine, use the back of the spoon and press the gelatin clump against the side of the saucepan to help break it down and dissolve it.
  3. Once wine is in a liquid state again, add the sugar. Stir continuously until dissolved. Turn off heat but leave saucepan on stove to keep mixture warm.
  4. Working quickly, use something like an eyedropper tool to fill moulds with mixture in the saucepan You can buy your moulds and eydropper tool here Make sure you use up all of the mixture before it cools down because then it will become extremely thick and sticky. Place moulds briefly in fridge for about 10-15 minutes to firm up. Gummy bears can be eaten straight from the fridge or left to warm back up to room temperature before eating. They will be slightly firmer straight out of the fridge and softer left at room temperature, but are chewy both ways. Store any uneaten ones in a sealed container in the fridge for about 1-2 weeks (yeah right!)


If you want to be really snazzy you can finish off your pressies with a personalised sticker 


We can now officially straighten our halos and exit the playground with our head held high and next year I will come up with some other ideas so our halo doesn’t slip!

Em x

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