Life After 'Lockdown'

It hopefully won’t be too long before we have to start thinking about life after lockdown!

We will have to get on with the ‘New Normal’, which I would imagine has many different meanings to different people. With that in mind, we are looking at new Label Packs for the school/camp markets. We have recently updated our Care/Nursing Home packs (available from our dedicated Care Home label site) which have very well received. We will let you know as soon as they are available and live on the website. If there is anything that you can’t find on the site that you think should be there, please let us know and good luck with adapting to the ‘New Normal’ in whichever form it takes.


‘New Normal’ for the Name Label Company includes:


                   We have removed plastic from our packaging              We will be introducing new packs           We can provide bespoke/custom products


‘Old Normal’ for the Name Label Company (“some things never change”):

We offer a lifetime guarantee on core products.

We have the ISO9001 accreditation.

Order before 2.00 pm Monday – Friday and we will ship the same day.

We promise to provide excellent customer care.

We are a sustainable and ethical business. We are a Carbon Neutral Company and we have the ISO14001 accreditation.    



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