DIY Advent Calendar Ideas

Christmas is coming up and plenty of people are all rushing out to buy advent calendars - but this year why not make something a little bit more special for your kids? Here are a few ideas!

This is actually the most beautiful free printable from Mr Printables. Find it here!

One of the main benefits of making your own Advent Calendar is that you can choose exactly what goes into it, making it so much more fun and personalised for your little ones.

The recycled toilet roll tube calendar! So clever - and easy to make. Find out how here.

The Advent Calendar of Clues! So simple to make, all you need is paper and washi tape and a wall! Each piece of paper contains a clue to where in the house each days treat is hidden. Endless fun for children! Idea from here.

The Matchbox Advent Calendar! You can use old matchboxes or buy craft matchboxes online from amazon or eBay for really cheap. You'll need some pretty wrapping paper and glue as well. More instructions here.

The Advent Calendar Jar! Find this here. Each day has a different message for a different treat like 'Watch a movie!'. You could also use this idea in collaboration with the Calendar of Clues if you like, and use each day's message space for your clues. We've also seen a great idea here where you can really spread the Christmas Spirit - instead of having a treat every day on the countdown to Christmas, you perform a different act of random kindness - how wonderful!

The pocket advent calendar! All you need is an old frame, some string, pegs and little bags or pockets for this one. Find the instructions here.

Happy Making everyone!!

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